Write some kick-ass essays.

EssaySnark simplifies the process.

Kudos to you. You’re thinking about applying in Round 1. That’s a big advantage at many of the top bschools. It sends a strong signal to the adcom when you submit your MBA application in the first round: They know that you’re planning ahead, and organized, and that you really want to go to business school. You’re demonstrating that you’ve got your act together.

But what if you feel like you don’t? What if you’ve been planning on this for ages but the idea of actually getting started with writing your essays is just totally overwhelming?

That’s where we come in.

The Complete Essay Package gets you started and keeps you going. We break the process of building great essays down to manageable chunks, and we tell you how to focus in on each one, in the right order. We guide you to the essentials so that you know what to do next, each step of the way.


The Complete Essay Package makes you efficient – but it also helps you to simply begin.

No more staring at a blank screen and wondering what to write. The Complete Essay Package gets you started, and keeps you going, until you have your first set of essays DONE.


Which schools is the Complete Essay Package designed for?

Any and all of them – though certain schools are ideal to tackle as your first set of essays. The Complete Essay Package is especially perfect for getting through your essays to:

  • Columbia
  • Tuck
  • Kellogg
  • NYU Stern
  • Berkeley-Haas
  • Duke Fuqua
  • MIT Sloan
  • Michigan Ross
  • Wharton
  • LBS
  • Yale

Oh wait. We’re naming them all, aren’t we?

You could also use the Complete Essay Package for Harvard – though we don’t recommend doing Harvard as your first app. Get your essays for some other school done first, and then you’ll be able to leverage the building blocks of content that you developed through the Complete Essay Package to build out your Harvard strategy — a lot more easily. Stanford is also not the school we’d recommend tackling first.

Basically, the Complete Essay Package will be massively helpful for literally any school you’re interested in. It will flatten the learning curve on how to write good bschool essays. Once you’ve got those first essays done, you will be empowered to handle any other MBA application that you want – you’ll do so with confidence, and you’ll be much more efficient with all of your essay writing, since you’ll understand how to present yourself.


The Complete Essay Package is the most effective way to learn how to write good essays. For all the schools.



We only sell you the Complete Essay Package once. If you want more help on your other apps, no problem, we got you covered with standalone Essay Decimator. You don’t need to be tied at the hip to your admissions consultant for every school’s application you are thinking about. You just need to learn how to do this thing.


I utilized a lot of your feedback and advice“I’m happy to report that I got into both Cornell and UCLA. I utilized a lot of your feedback and advice, and it helped a lot throughout this most recent process. Thanks again for all of your help/guidance!”



Get Started Today

The Complete Essay Package is currently priced at $ 1399.00 – which represents a savings of at least $125 compared to purchasing the services separately. Even at its most expensive, this is still a screaming deal – EssaySnark is about making MBA admissions more accessible to more people, we’re not into gouging. Still, we cannot guarantee that our currently extremely low prices will stay at exactly this level for long.

Why should you go with us?

EssaySnark’s got your back.

We’re a trusted resource that you can leverage throughout the often emotionally-fraught journey of applying to business school. We’ve been doing this for ages. We know what works. We talk to the schools. We pay attention to the trends and we are on top of all the changes every year. Who else are you going to trust to get accurate information? You can rely on EssaySnark to guide you. We get incredibly invested in the success of our Brave Supplicants and we want to hear stories of you going through your MBA and getting an awesome new job – but how are you going to get there if you make mistakes in applying?


Here’s what one Brave Supplicant said last year:

I really like your style, EssaySnark.“I really like your style – encouraging (forcing) clients to do the work mostly by themselves rather than just provide “Fill-in the blanks templates”. We can actually learn something from this rather than just trusting our future in the hands of some self-titled admission gurus etc.”


If you want to know more reasons why you should go with the Complete Essay Package, we’ll tell you.

What you get

  • Motivation. The Complete Essay Package has an expiration date. You get 60 days to move through all the steps – which is plenty. We’ve had people go start to finish in under two weeks. Having your package expire is our way to help you get motivated to begin!
  • Guidance. Most people are clueless on what the schools need to see. What should you write about? What makes for a good set of career goals? The Complete Essay Package includes a series of tutorials (part of the App Accelerators) which explain what needs to be a part of your strategy.
  • Personalized Feedback. EssaySnark reviews everything you develop. You will know very early on if your approach is on target – and if it’s not, we point out the reasons why, so you can go back and re-think it.

You also get priority processing – which is key when your deadlines are approaching. Complete Essay Package subscribers get their material reviewed ahead of others.

Want to know the most valuable thing you get from the Complete Essay Package?


How do you know if what your planning to pitch is going to work? How can you be sure you’re coming across with the right content – and not sounding like a jerk?

The best gift you can give yourself is a qualified expert opinion on your application strategy – before you get too far along with the grueling work of developing it.

If your thinking is off, we will tell you early, so you can make adjustments when it’s easiest.

You will save time – and heartache – because you will get your ideas vetted at each stage.

And you will hear directly from EssaySnark at every step whether you’re on the right track, or if you need to do better.

You will come out of the process knowing exactly where you stand.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get in, but we can definitely tell you if your materials are strong enough to have an honest chance.


Thank you thank you thank you.“Thank you thank you thank you. I really can’t express enough gratitude for the help you gave me throughout the application process. Your advice on the essay edits were right on and they were… in the cliche words of many bschool adcoms- transformative.”

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Avoid Making Unforced Errors

If you’ve never done this before, how do you know if you’re doing it right?

The Complete Essay Package prevents you from shooting yourself in the foot.

So often we see well-meaning Brave Supplicants say really stupid things in their essays.

Do you know where we see that the most?

In the people who come to us asking for a Rejection Analysis.

Of course we also see it when our initial introduction to a new Brave Supplicant is when they submit their first drafts to us for review through the standalone Essay Decimator service. We can help you understand the folly of your ways there, too. It’s not necessary to use the Complete Essay Package to get us to tell you if you’re doing something unwise in your essays. We will tell you that at any opportunity that you give us for comments.

However the Complete Essay Package is much more flexible, and thorough. If you submit your HBS essay to us for critique through a standalone Essay Decimator process, then how do you know if your career goals that you’re pitching to Stanford are sound? The Complete Essay Package lets you map out the foundation of your strategy that you can apply to all the schools.


A couple applying together made it in with our help last year:

You taught us to fish.“You were incredibly helpful right from the start – the comprehensive profile review, the essay reviews, decimators – everything helped us. You taught us to fish, rather than serving us the fish – thank you! We are very (very!) grateful to you…”



You’ll start by getting an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of your MBA profile.

  1. The first step is easy: Submit your detailed info and we’ll develop your Comprehensive Profile Review to help you understand how your background and experience will be perceived by the adcoms at your target school. You’ll even get recommendations of other schools to consider, based on our assessment of your admissibility to each.
  2. Next, you’ll understand what makes for good MBA Career Goals and submit yours for review by EssaySnark
  3. Then, the fun part: Accomplishments & Achievements. You’ll brainstorm on leadership and dig into your personal and professional experiences to identify the raw material that might be useful for your essays – and you’ll get specific feedback from EssaySnark on the suitability of each one
  4. Access to EssaySnark – exchange in a dialog about your strategy, your weaknesses, your fears and doubts – we’re there for you



Or at least… easier. You’ll go through a few more steps before you actually start writing.

  1. You’ll discover what your specific school cares about and how to handle each essay question that this application requires by studying the SnarkStrategies Guide for your school. One strategy guide is included for free with your Complete Essay Package purchase. We now have coverage for over 15 schools – the number increases all the time – so it’s highly likely that your target school is available.
  2. Then, sketch out your pitch. We teach you the value of outlines through a special Essay Ideas App Accelerator – the “acceleratorist” service of all! Establishing the structure and framework for your thoughts before you write the draft is the most essential part of the process. You will know before expending all that effort if you are on track with your thinking or if you need to redirect.
  3. Then and only then, you will write your essays! You get the standard two-stage Essay Decimator service; your full set of up to four essays will be reviewed twice.

Everyone who’s ever gone through the Complete Essay Package has ALWAYS submitted higher-quality first drafts – significantly better than those who do not! The pre-work you do on building out your ideas and getting your strategy vetted in the early stage of the process will save you so much time (and anguish!). If your first drafts start out at “C”-level quality, then we can probably help you improve them to “B”-level. But if your drafts start out at “B”-level — because you developed them after building out your strategy through the Complete Essay Package — then you’re much more likely to end up with “A”-level in the end.


After finishing the Complete Essay Package on your first application, you can:

  • Upgrade to the 4-School Set, to get your essays for three more schools reviewed via our standalone Essay Decimators, yet at a discounted price over purchasing them separately.
  • Or, you could get the Sanity Check service on any individual apps that you want to be separately vetted, to see what we think of your chances before you submit.
  • Or, proceed with all the rest of your apps on your own, feeling confident that the building blocks you’ve developed are sound.

You don’t need the Sanity Check with the Complete Essay Package because we will be communicating with you every step of the way on whether you’re going to be an attractive candidate for your target school.

Buy the Complete Essay Package Now


We understand that you may have some concerns.

“It seems expensive.”

We get it. Most of us don’t plop down over $1,000 for anything too frequently. This is likely the biggest-ticket item you’ve considered purchasing in some time.

But check it out: It will be VERY expensive to apply to business school and not make it in.

If you are rejected, based on a flawed strategy or unrealistic targets, then you’re not only delaying your bschool dreams, but you also will have wasted all those application fees. Thrown that money away. And gone through incredible grief as a result.

Getting rejected sucks. We can help you do things right, so that you will minimize the odds of that outcome.

“I’m not sure I have enough time.”

The best essays are developed of an extended period of thought and reflection and rework. The Complete Essay Package was structured to optimize that opportunity. Ideally you will give yourself about a month to complete your first set of essays through this service. However we’ve also had people move through the entire process in about two weeks’ time. It is highly unlikely you’ll be able to write stronger essays on your own any quicker. Get our help from Day One and optimize your chances.

“It still seems like a lot of money.”

We’ll grant you that – but honestly, we could be charging more than double for this. Compared to our competition, our price is INCREDIBLY reasonable. It’s not unheard of for other consultants to be asking $3,000 or much more for the same essential services. All that buys you from them is an opportunity to speak to someone on the phone (if that’s important to you, then EssaySnark is not the right choice; all of our engagements are conducted in writing, electronically – it’s more efficient that way since you can review our written critiques over and over again until you really grasp what we’re saying).

Because of our philosophy of trying to even the playing field and make the MBA more accessible to more people, we intentionally keep our prices low. We understand that it’s a big investment – but aren’t you worth it?

You are guaranteed to get the best advice available when you enlist EssaySnark for help on your MBA applications.

“I’d like to let you know that so far I’ve found your App Accelerators to be very useful (and affordable – you are the first Bschool application resource I’ve found that doesn’t seem to be solely focused on bleeding money out of prospects). I’m eagerly anticipating your feedback on two accelerators right now.”


Start the Real Work Today

Writing essays is hard.

We won’t try to tell you it’s not.

But you can make it harder by attempting to go alone – or, you can have the advantage of a trusted advisor to demystify the process and guide you through.

“Accepted at Duke! Woohoooo!! Thank you ES for teaching me how to write my application essays :)”


Buy the Complete Essay Package Now


In case you’re still nervous:

Yes, partial refunds are available

We wish we could be more generous with this but it’s not like you’re buying a widget from Amazon, where you can just package it up and ship it back to them if you don’t like it. Because we’re delivering an information product and you’ll have instant access to our IP at time of purchase, and also because we’re allocating time in the review schedule to account for the workload on our side for managing your essay critiques, then unfortunately we can’t offer full refunds. We do offer partial refunds up to a certain point in the process if you decide not to continue. You can review the terms of purchase and sign up here.

In the past three years, we’ve only had one person ask for a refund on this product. We expect that you will find value in it. If not, you can contact us and we’ll gladly offer you the funds back that you qualify for.


The Complete Essay Package helps you develop your MBA application theme – quickly, efficiently, with the least amount of pain as possible. It’s your full solution to the stress and anxiety of not knowing what’s important and how to present yourself. (Some people have even called it “fun.”)


Don't WaitRight now the Complete Essay Package is $ 1399.00 – but prices may change at any time. The closer we get to the crazy of round deadlines, the higher the cost of this bundle is likely to be.


EssaySnark’s services can have excellent ROI.

“Sorry I am a little overwhelmed right now. There were only two slots for the [topschool] Scholarship and I won one of them. Thank you so much for your help. Thank you.”

That outcome was after this Brave Supplicant had been rejected from three schools that they tried with their original admissions consultant – not only did the app that they worked with us on get accepted, they got a significant award, too.


P.S.: The Complete Essay Package isn’t for everyone.

If you want to be spoon-fed, or if you expect someone to tell you what to write in your essays, we’re not the consultant for you. This is about rolling up your sleeves and doing the work – with exceptional support along the way. But it does require effort.

We simplify that effort, and give you assurance when you are on track.

We can take the agony out of constructing your MBA apps.

Nobody can do it for you, though.

If you’re ready to work, we’re ready to help.

One last comment, though, in case you’re still wondering about the value.

We will help you get into the best school possible.

We can’t guarantee you’ll be admitted but – the best way to ensure your applications have a chance is to be targeting the schools appropriately, based on the specifics of your profile and the realities of who they like to accept. If there’s a mismatch, your odds are incredibly low.

Most often, people are unreasonable in expectations and they aim too high.

What’s worse though: Sometimes people undervalue certain aspects of their own backgrounds, and they aim too low.

EssaySnark can help you aim just right.

What if we can help you get into a better school than you could get into on your own?

We imagine that that would be valuable.

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Still not sure? Want more info? Click here to go to the full product page for the Complete Essay Package and see the breakdown of what you get, the terms that apply, and how to sign up.