Have your Round 1 apps been rejected?

Maybe it's time for the Complete Essay Package?

On an MBA applicant forum recently, where candidates were posting news of getting an interview invitation from a top school, one participant posted that he had been rejected. His fellow applicants commiserated, some of them expressing surprise.

“You have such a great profile!” they said, shocked that he would not have gotten in with those stats.

“Yeah, my essays were great too,” he said…

But were they?


If you’ve suffered the sting of rejection recently, then you already know that there’s a lot of moving parts to an MBA app. As hard as you probably worked on the materials you submitted, it wasn’t enough. Do you know why?

Maybe the writing wasn’t as strong as it could have been, maybe your recommenders didn’t say enough glowing things about you. Or maybe there was a more basic flaw: It’s possible that your pitch is in trouble.

Successful candidates are able to highlight their strengths and minimize their weaknesses — and present themselves authentically in their applications. To do this takes a strategy. It takes insight. And it takes an objective eye to see how you’re coming across to your audience.

  • Do you know how a complete stranger is going to react to the words you put down on the page?
  • Are you certain that your messaging is tight and smooth — and not repulsive? (Yeah, sometimes what people write is a real turn-off to the reader. Happens a lot.)

There’s a seemingly infinite number of rookie mistakes that we see repeated in MBA essays All. The. Time. How do you know you’re not making one of them? There’s so many chances for things to go sideways.

How do you know you’re emphasizing the elements of your background that your target school cares about?

Yeah, we know. It’s overwhelming.

There’s so many opportunities for error.

People get into business school all the time without getting help on their apps. How do you know that you will be one of them?

Here’s what happened to one BSer:

My R1 results were an outright rejection and an interview that led to a waitlist decision.  At the time, I thought that my essays were the best that they could be.  After enlisting EssaySnark’s help for my R2 applications, I realized that they were not and my writing could have benefited from further distillation.

Thankfully, he came to us, and we helped him turn his luck around! (You can read the full saga, and ultimate triumph, in the Success Stories section of the blahg.)

You can only get so far reading the MBA applicant forums. If you’re serious about getting in — if you want to make sure that the advice you’ve gotten is legit — enlist the help of a professional. EssaySnark has been there/done that. We have seen it all. Regardless of how competitive your applicant pool is, regardless of how flawed your profile is — or how perfect it is — we’ve helped candidates like you get in.

What do we recommend? The Complete Essay Package. We’re going to explain everything about it here, so you know how it works, and how it can work for you.

Before we do though, we need to lay it out on the line. Our promise is not to “get you in” — nobody can do that.


Instead, what we offer is no-nonsense advice about your business school applications. We cut to the chase and we tell you the truth. We don’t waste time. We don’t waste your chances. Do you have a shot at it? We’ll tell you. Are you woefully misguided with your current approach? We’ll tell you.

We have a range of tools that can help with any aspect of your MBA application — but we think the one you’ll want to consider is the one that helps you the most. The one that focuses on your pitch. The one that takes you from start to finish on your MBA essays — in the most efficient manner possible.

EssaySnark's Complete Essay Package
The Complete Essay Package gives you:

  • a complete, unbiased, totally honest assessment of the entirety of your MBA profile
  • a once-and-for-all answer to the question “Is my GMAT score good enough?”
  • a judgment call on whether you’re being realistic with your current bschool targets — and some suggestions for other schools to consider if you’re not


That’s just what you get with the first step! The Comprehensive Profile Review is a detailed, personalized, and specific analysis of YOU and YOUR PROFILE and how it stacks up against the thousands of other candidates who will be competing for a spot in your target MBA programs.


This is what one Brave Supplicant said:


I highly recommend Essaysnark. The profile review that I received was extremely thorough. It was all tailored to my specific profile and I could see that Essaysnark took the time to understand my background and make recommendations based on all my information. Within one profile review I felt like they really figured out my strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend this service, it was well worth the money!



This is how it works:

When you first sign up for the Complete Essay Package, you’ll complete an online questionnaire, and then you’ll get back an exceptionally detailed report that talks about YOU and YOUR CHANCES for success at a top MBA program.

Want to go to Harvard Business School? We’ll tell you if you have a shot.

Want to go to Stanford GSB? Or Chicago Booth? Or Duke or Ross or UCLA? We’ll let you know how things look for you.

We get VERY invested in our clients’ success. We dig it when people make it into the best MBA programs. We especially want to help the underdog, the no-silver-spoon guy (or gal). We love it when the Average Joe makes it in.

(That’s why our prices are so low, BTW. Because we think bschool should be accessible to all. Not just the elite few who can pull the Daddy string to get in.)

Ready to get started?

What else do you get with the Complete Essay Package? LOTS!

The Complete Essay Package includes a series of App Accelerators. These take you on a guided journey from start to finish by giving you:

  1. Instruction. EssaySnark lays it all out for you. What do you need to focus on in your MBA essays? What’s important to reinforce? We give you step by step guidance on the elements of a strong pitch. Whether you want to go to Harvard or Stanford or Columbia or Cornell — or any of the other amazing bschools in the Top 20 — you get detailed, actionable advice on how to make the most of the elements of YOUR background.  This comes in the form of self-guided tutorials that you can study, capturing the essentials of how to craft your strategy and what to focus on in creating your pitch.
  2. Exercises.  Yes, you will have homework to do. After you understand what’s important to emphasize to the adcoms, then you’ll tackle bite-sized exercises to sift through your raw material and identify the most important stories from your background. You’ll understand what the adcom is looking for so you’ll be more efficient in reviewing your own experiences, to know what might play well in your pitch and what is unimportant.
  3. FEEDBACK. Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Once you’ve come up with your ideas, you’ll submit them to EssaySnark for review. This is a private, personalized process — it’s a one-on-one dialogue with the experts in bschool admissions. We will go over everything you’re considering as part of your pitch and tell you if it will work or not. You’ll be able to reflect on that feedback and take it into the next step of your process, knowing what ideas are strong — and what should be discarded.

The Complete Essay Package includes the cycle of learn what’s important -> develop your content -> get detailed feedback on all the important elements of your pitch. You will know how to write a career goals essay, a “why MBA” essay, a “tell us about something you did well” essay, a “most significant accomplishment” essay — and any other type of MBA essay that you must deal with.

In the words of a successful Brave Supplicant:

There is a learning curve to b-school essay writing. With the tight word limits imposed by the adcoms, you must develop and utilize a direct, succinct style of prose that still fully communicates and fleshes out your ideas.

That BSer did it — and that is EXACTLY what the Complete Essay Package helps you with.


Flatten your learning curve.

Make the most of the limited time you have between now and application deadlines.

Leverage EssaySnark’s proven expertise to guide you along the way.


The Complete Essay Package can get you there.

Get started with the Complete Essay Package now!

What parts of your MBA app will you develop with the Complete Essay Package? THE ESSAYS!

The Complete Essay Package walks you through the essentials of developing:

  • Your Career Goals – the goals are the most important part of the pitch for the vast majority of bschools
  • Your Accomplishments & Achievements – these form the foundation of your application and are the primary means by which you show you’re differentiated
  • Essay Ideas – where you develop out your platform and make sure it’s solid before writing the essays

Get through those three steps and you’ll be ready to write!

Because what matters most is the essays!

Of course, the material you develop is going to also go into your resume, and you’ll be using these stories of achievement in your interview. This sets you up for the entirety of your application.

The guided process of the Complete Essay Package is a proven method. You’ll have a clear map of what’s important and how to show it to the adcom. You’ll write your first drafts with confidence, knowing that you are bringing in the critical aspects of your profile — and knowing that you are not done yet.

The Complete Essay Package includes a full two-stage review process on all your drafts for a single MBA application. This is called the Essay Decimator because for most people, their first drafts… well, they sorta suck.

The good news is that Brave Supplicants who plan their strategy through the structured methodology of the Complete Essay Package process are able to develop MUCH STRONGER essays the first time out. When we review essays from an the Complete Essay Package client, they are always way better than someone who sends us drafts without getting our help on the strategy.

The Complete Essay Package helps you get to a higher-quality end product — faster! (And with less pain and suffering!)


Buy the Complete Essay Package now!

Of course, all of these tools and services are available from EssaySnark on an a la carte basis. You can pick and choose just the ones that you need.

But honestly? Everybody needs them all. Really. We’re not just saying that.

When we get first drafts cold from a BSer who wrote them all by himself without any guidance — they tend to suck.

When we get drafts from someone who we’ve been working with all along on their strategy, who’s been bouncing ideas off of us for a few weeks — those first drafts are sometimes actually kinda good.

If your first drafts start out at “C” quality, then you can possibly bring them up to “B”-level through the revision process.

If your first drafts start out at a “B” level, then it’s much more likely you’ll end up with an “A” at the end!


Writing MBA essays is hard.

Revising essays is harder.

But not with the Complete Essay Package.


Essay revision is infinitely less painful if you go through a structured methodology to create your content.

Want some help?

Let EssaySnark guide you through the gauntlet - start the Complete Essay Package now!

What does it all mean? With the Complete Essay Package:

  • You get advice. We tell you what to focus on.
  • You get feedback. We tell you if you’re on target.
  • You get access to the best. We offer our years of experience — you get firsthand advice about WHAT WORKS.

You want an expert on your side? Go with one who knows what they’re doing.

Yes, EssaySnark is the best.

You know that from reading the blahg.

You know that from our essay guides.

You know that from our Success Stories and happy news of all the amazing Brave Supplicants who’ve gone before.

Let us help you create another Success Story — yours.

I knew I had to get the essays right to be selected.  It seemed impossible to say all that was needed to make that impression on the reviewer in just three essays with limited words. EssaySnark helped me highlight the most essential pieces of my content and still have the essays flow like a story. The deliverable was way beyond my expectations and I believe contributed heavily to my getting the interview call within 48 hours of submitting my application and finally the admit.

I would recommend EssaySnark for all MBA applicants without any hesitation !


Enlist the help of a real professional on your MBA applications.

You want to know if you have a chance? You want to maximize that chance? EssaySnark has accumulated years of experience with MBA admissions — and hundreds of successful Brave Supplicants have benefited from that advice.

We’re also cheap.

Compared to not getting in??? We’re really cheap.

Sure, the Complete Essay Package is probably a bigger-ticket purchase than you’ve made in awhile — maybe more than you’ve paid for anything at once this year. But it’s way cheaper than missing out on your opportunity for success.

Applying to bschool is not a crapshoot. It requires a well-considered plan of attack. It’s not random. It’s not a numbers game. Well-prepared and appropriately-targeted candidates are the ones who get in.

You only have to go through this once.

The Complete Essay Package empowers you with the advice you need to develop a solid MBA application strategy. You will go from flustered to finished on one set of essays for one school. After that, you can tackle any other applications you want — you’ll know what you’re doing. You’ll have a plan. You can have EssaySnark review those other essays if you want, but you don’t need to (of course, if you do, you’ll get it at a discount — future Essay Decimator services are available at a lower price for Complete subscribers).

Make your app as strong as it can be with the help of an expert. After all, this is your future we’re talking about.

Buy the Complete Essay Package now!

Avoid the common MBA application sins. Sign up for the Complete Essay Package now.

What else do you get?

The Complete Essay Package includes the App Accelerators to get you kickstarted towards your essay strategy, the Essay Decimators to make sure the drafts are covering the right material for you — and you also get one EssaySnark strategy guide — your choice! Pick from our selection of guides to writing essays for HBS, Wharton, MIT or other top bschools, or choose our Reapplicant Guide. Or, you can plan ahead and get the Interviewing Guide.

In addition, the Complete Essay Package includes extended subscriptions to everything in the package — 60 days instead of the standard 30 days — and you’ll get prioritized feedback. Your material will be reviewed ahead of other submissions. Get through the process faster with the full support of EssaySnark behind you!

Learn what goes into a high-quality MBA application. Uncover the hidden jems in your own background — and discard the useless chaff. Gain confidence that your material is the best it can be — and find out how to improve the weak parts.

EssaySnark's Complete Essay Package

The Complete Essay Package is the most efficient way to go from zero to done!

The Complete Essay Package is currently $ 1399.00 —  however this price will go up as the deadlines approach!

Worried that it’s not all we’re claiming it is? Don’t be. There’s an option to cancel and get a partial refund if you don’t find value in it. We don’t offer full refunds since you’ll have immediate access to our intellectual property — the detailed how to get in tutorials in the App Accelerators — as soon as you subscribe. But we want you to be satisfied with this purchase — and so far, everyone has been! We’ve never yet had anyone ask for their money back. If you decide that you want to cancel, no problem. As long as you haven’t submitted essays for review, you will qualify for about half of the $ 1399.00 purchase price back. Full terms are available when you sign up.

For those who find the most value in EssaySnark’s input, discounted pricing is available for essay reviews on your next school.  Once you complete the Complete Essay Package for your first school, you can roll straight to the next set of essays with special Essay Decimator pricing that’s not available to the public.


You could even potentially make money from this: All paying clients are entitled to a referral bonus if they send along someone new who signs up for an EssaySnark service! A prior-year Brave Supplicant used her referral bonuses to outfit her new apartment at bschool!! She almost made back all the money that she spent on her EssaySnark reviews that year.



“Because of Essay Snark I realized I was being totally unclear in regard to my actual goals and wasn’t articulating why they were important to me. I thought I was tying my background, current experience, and career goals together but I wasn’t doing it at all. 2 days before Kellogg’s R1 application deadline I scrapped the essay and started from scratch. The new version of the essay was sooo much easier to write because Essay Snark really took the time to help me draw out all of what I thought I was saying but wasn’t.  I got into Kellogg R1 and used that essay as the basis for all of my career goal essays going forward. My goals are really off the beaten path and could easily be dismissed as a pipe dream but Essay Snark helped me make them personal and realistic.”

That Brave Supplicant made it into at least three top bschools (we actually lost track of all their admits sometime in February!) and they got a massive number of scholarship offers.

Those results were due to THEIR hard work — and open-mindedness. If this BSer hadn’t been willing to do whatever it takes to get in — including asking for help when they didn’t think they needed it 🙂 — who knows what the outcome would have been?


We know that it’s weird getting help from anonymous snarky person(s) on the Internet. We know it’s awkward that you don’t know our name. But there’s nothing weird and awkward about the advice we give — we shoot straight. We have no patience for lolligagging around. We want you to be successful! We will give you what you need to make your application the strongest it can possibly be. It will be YOUR application — your best work — nobody else’s.

If you don’t think we’re worth it, you can cancel before the essay-review stage and get a partial refund on the unused portion.

Lock in pricing for the Complete Essay Package — and lock in your best chances for getting into your favorite MBA program! You don’t want to do this more than once. Make your applications the strongest possible — get in the first year you try.

Click here to buy now and get started on your way to admissions success!