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Learn how to maximize your bschool app with The Resume App Accelerator

EssaySnark’s App Accelerator: The Resume

App Accelerator: The Resume – $ 199.00

Your resume needs to be an integral part of your bschool application - not an afterthought. This App Accelerator will educate you on the importance of the resume, and explain:
  • What needs to go into an MBA app resume?
  • What's a good structure?
  • How can you communicate your background with more impact?
  • How long can it be?
  • What can you cut as unnecessary?
  • What's the most important line on the whole resume?
EssaySnark's Resume App Accelerator will answer all these questions, and more. You'll understand the critical importance of your resume and learn what needs to go into it. We'll even tell you when is the best time to work on the resume within your overall process of developing your materials. This App Accelerator includes private, personalized feedback on your one draft of your resume. (Note: Your resume must be one page; each additional page costs an extra $100 for feedback.)

This is a 30-day subscription; materials must be submitted for review before the subscription expires. You also get a 30-day membership to the EssaySnark blahg. Resume rechecks are available for an additional fee.

IMPORTANT: It’s unlikely that your existing resume is optimized for your bschool apps. In fact, we can GUARANTEE that it does not meet the best practices covered in this App Accelerator tutorial. This is not just a "Resume Review" service; it's called the "Reworking Your Resume App Accelerator" - because you need to REWORK the resume to make it as awesome as possible, and then we'll tell you what you can do to make it even better. You cannot just buy this service and upload your current resume. In fact, we reserve the right to not give you feedback - and not give you any refund either - if it’s clear you didn’t make the changes we lay out in the tutorial. You are purchasing resources with this App Accelerator, please use them.

View the FAQs on the EssaySnark App Accelerators here.

TERMS: App Accelerators

Your subscription is active for 30 days (60-day subscriptions for certain bundled products). While your subscription is active, you can view the tutorial as often as you like. Note that this is an online-only subscription; you may not download or print the lessons; also, content may not be shared, this subscription is for your use only. Any violation of terms will result in immediate cancelation of access. If you have a buddy who wants help with his apps, please encourage him to get his own subscription. Thanks for understanding that EssaySnark needs to eat, too. Also please note that because you are given instant access to the tutorial, no refunds are available.

After working through the guidelines detailed in the App Accelerator, you can submit your material for one confidential review by EssaySnark (two reviews for the Career Goals App Accelerator). Turnaround time depends on current availability when you submit; standard is three business days, though often people see feedback within a day or so, even on weekends. If you purchased the App Accelerator as part of a product bundle with priority reviews, you will benefit from expedited turnarounds of two business days.

This App Accelerator is included in Foundations but not in the Complete Essay Package.

Use this App Accelerator to learn what needs to go into your bschool resume — and end up with a new-and-improved, professionally vetted resume that you can use for all job-search purposes, too! $ 199.00

Rework your resume - Buy Now!

The feedback you’ll get will help improve your resume for all purposes. There are some things that people sometimes like to include on their “work” resume, such as GMAT score, which we advise to not include on the bschool resume, but there’s only a few of those types of cases. You’ll end up with a new-and-improved resume that you can use for any MBA application and for future job hunting. Note that you can use the same version of your resume for all bschool apps; you don’t need to customize it for each school.

The subscription to the Resume App Accelerator includes a) 30-day access to an online tutorial that explains what needs to go in the resume and offers a sample; b) one review of your updated version which includes both a marked-up draft in MS Word with inline comments pointing to what needs to change, plus a separate report; c) a 30-day membership to premium content on the EssaySnark blahg.

We don’t edit the resume directly, though we may suggest different wording in spots. We don’t fix typos or grammar issues but we point them out. You have 30 days to submit your resume for review. You really need to update the one you have today – please do not simply submit whatever old version you had lying around!

Most people find that the final product is significantly improved from where they started and they are happy to use their new resume for standard employment-seeking (job hunt) purposes too.

This App Accelerator is included in Foundations.


Reviews from Brave Supplicants!

After you’ve completed this App Accelerator and gotten your resume all spiffed up, please come back here and tell others how great you look on paper now!

Please note: One BSer made some comment in their review back in 2013 about the “model template” we provide. There is no such thing. There is a SAMPLE in the tutorial which is clearly marked as such. In fact, the tutorial states “Please note that EssaySnark is NOT dictating a particular layout.” We present two different formats and discuss them in the tutorial; nowhere do we use the term “model template” for either one and we explicitly state that different formats are better for different candidates/industries.

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Oct 03, 2014 by Anonymous

After purchasing a resume guide at the bookstore, I thought that I'd be all set. Uhhh, not quite. My first draft to EssaySnark got decimated...royally. I took a deep breath, made corrections and signed up for the re-check.

Detailed, line-by-line feedback was given for each draft, and my follow-up questions were answered quickly. I'm starting my second round of corrections now.

It's almost impossible to get quality resume advice. But, this app accelerator is perfect.

Detailed and Helpful Advice

Jul 17, 2014 by Anonymous

I recently purchased the resume accelerator as part of the foundations package. As with the other services i've purchased through essaysnark, I was not disappointed. They provided very detailed advice on each line of my resume and really helped me to approach writing my resume in a more effective format. Through their advice and comments, I can see how a well-written resume can definitely have an impact on your overall application.

Highly recommended

Oct 02, 2013 by Anonymous

I'd like to recommend both the resume guide and EssaySnark's feedback. The guide is very thorough, giving advices ranging from formatting to content, yet it's easy to understand. EssaySnark's feedback was also very thorough. When I received my resume back, there were comments or suggestions on literally every single bullet point I have. This is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve his resume.

Very thorough

Aug 28, 2013 by Anonymous

I sent my resume to friends and family, and I got feedback ranging from moderately helpful to clueless. The ES resume review came back with 28 line comments and a checklist/summary, which was way more than I'd get from anyone else. My only caution is about the "model template" in their ebook -- it might not be ideal for you. Otherwise, this is a great buy for the price!

Strongly suggest this for Indian applicants

Aug 26, 2013 by Anonymous

I would strongly recommend this App Accelerator for all my Indian friends who are planning to apply to b-schools this year. The resume required for a b-school is quite different from what we are used to making in India. The guide is super helpful in breaking down the resume into sections and giving details on what needs to go into each section. After submission there are two kind of reviews that EssaySnark provides - a high level strategy/impact review and a line-by-line feedback on the resume. ES gives actionable ideas which can be implemented to make the resume better.
However the best thing I find about EssaySnark's team is that they actually care about their clients. Even though you pay for only one review they respond back if you need any clarification or help.

Unbelievably Helpful

Dec 02, 2012 by Anonymous

I paid $900 from another review service to go through my entire HBS app, and they added a single comma to my resume. Imagine my surprise when for a meager $100, EssaySnark absolutely decimated my resume. Comparing my old resume to my new one is like comparing night and day. My new one is markedly better in so many ways. This was clearly money well spent.

Very Valuable Guide

Oct 04, 2012 by Anonymous

Anyone applying to B-School already has a stellar resume, right? We're all heavy hitters in the world of business, and have used our resumes to land jobs at top consulting firms, financial institutions, etc. so surely it must be good enough for a B-School app? At least, that's what I thought until I read the guide which was chock full of helpful advice on how to optimize the resume for the purposes of a b-school app. The guide is probably the most helpful of the ones I read from EssaySnark, as it is full of straight forward, concrete suggestions and steps to complete to help your resume. In fact, it was probably the only service I used where I found the guide to be as if not more helpful then the feedback from EssaySnark. That's not to say the feedback wasn't helpful, it was just that if you follow the advice in the guide, you will be well on your way to getting your CV to where it needs to be.

The only potential gripe is that you only get one review. If you follow the guide then it shouldn't be an issue, as the feedback EssaySnark gives is direct and actionable, but still, for the worry warts out there, you may pang for that second review.

Given the guide is one of the first things the ad-com picks up from your app, I would highly recommend using this service. At $100 it is one of the best values I have seen in the world of admissions consulting.

5.0 5.0 7 7 After purchasing a resume guide at the bookstore, I thought that I'd be all set. Uhhh, not quite. My first draft to EssaySnark got decimated...royally. I took a deep breath, mad Reworking Your Resume