Overcoming Bad Grades

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Your academic history is an important part of your MBA application – find out how your college GPA stacks up!

Does your academic background set you up for a successful application to bschool?

Your college years may seem like ancient history — but your academic record matters to the adcom. A lot. Do you know if your marks were strong enough? Are you worried that your college performance may present an obstacle to your success now?

What if your grades aren’t great and your GMAT is also so-so? The tutorial included in this App Accelerator lays out the “Uh-Oh Quiz” – complete it and find out if you’re in trouble or not! This App Accelerator will help you rank the essentials of your academic background and suggest the best course of action to take from here. The tutorial was fully refreshed in June 2014 to reflect some subtle but important changes from schools like Harvard and Stanford.

  • What's a good GPA for a top MBA program?
  • Are you doomed if you didn't do so well in college?
  • Is a decent GMAT score enough to offset a low GPA?
  • Should you write the optional essay about it?
This App Accelerator answers these questions, and more. You'll take the "Uh-Oh!" quiz and find out how your academic record stacks up. This App Accelerator explains how the adcoms will evaluate your transcripts and discusses what can help to offset a weakness in your academic history. You'll get EssaySnark's tutorial on transcripts and grades, plus private, confidential feedback on the strategy you develop to mitigate any weaknesses -- including your plans for the optional essay (whether to write one, what it will say -- however, no formal essay reviews are included in this App Accelerator).

You also get a one-month membership to the EssaySnark blahg.

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Develop an action plan to overcome a glitch in your academic history.

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Excellent feedback

May 24, 2014 by Anonymous

Very detailed and comprehensive, with actionable insights. Highly recommended for those with concerns over core stats and mitigation strategies.

5.0 5.0 1 1 Very detailed and comprehensive, with actionable insights. Highly recommended for those with concerns over core stats and mitigation strategies. Overcoming Bad Grades