Getting Solid Recommendations

The tutorial included with this App Accelerator was updated for the 2014 season.


We also have school-specific best practices you can give to your recommenders to make their job easier

Check out the Recommender Instruction Sets to get a customized document with expert guidelines that you can hand over to your recommenders.

Or, if you’re still stuck on who to ask…

Know how important recommendations are to your bschool application?

Know how important recommendations are to your bschool application?

Letters of Recommendation are important. Do you know how important?

If the rest of your app is amazing, then mediocre recs won’t kill your chances — but one bad rec might.

Even more important: If the rest of your app is borderline, then an outstanding recommendation can absolutely tilt the scale in your favor.

Do you know what makes for a solid recommenders’ strategy?

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Great specific recommendation advice

Aug 28, 2013 by Anonymous

I saw there were no reviews posted for the recommendation guide so I figured I’d give some input. I’m a reapplicant and purchased the recommendation accelerator and resume accelerator, in addition to a couple essay decimators. The recommendation accelerator is the only product I’ve fully gone through so I can only comment on this so far. Short answer – buy this product, if only for the specific advice given to you.

Last year I wrote a couple of bullet points for my recommenders and hoped for the best. I was dinged at all three schools I applied to. Not that I’m blaming them, but I figured this year I would provide them all the support I could. Reapplying is not fun and I wanted to put my best foot forward.

Compared to the resume accelerator, the recommendation book itself is not the longest (roughly 30 pages). In addition, some of the topics were fairly general and high level (i.e. don’t write your own apps, tell them to be specific), but I understand these will be useful for most applicants. There’s about a 10-page section at the end on handling difficult or unusual situations (e.g. what if they are lukewarm, what if you work for a family business, are unemployed…etc) that also wasn’t extremely useful to me but could be very helpful for others.

The part I found extremely helpful was the guidance they provided to my recommendation strategy. I wrote a detailed description of each person I was going to approach, why I thought they were good, and what I wanted them to say. Essaysnark reviewed this in detail along with my resume, career goals, target schools in mind and commented not only on my overall approach but specific items I wanted to mention. Through ‘snarks advice I realized that I was overestimating how important some of the stuff I was highlighting to my recommenders, and underemphasizing some other skills that should be highlighted. In addition, I was torn between asking 1 or 2 potential recommenders, and Snark gave me specific advice that helped me identify which one to ask (hint: go with the one that knows you best, regardless if you think he’s a better writer, can offer a different perspective…etc).
I had some annoying follow-up questions to which Essaysnark answered promptly.

Overall I am very happy with the app accelerator and think it will really help my recommendations (one of the areas where I have least control). I hope the resume review and decimator services are just as good.

5.0 5.0 1 1 I saw there were no reviews posted for the recommendation guide so I figured I’d give some input. I’m a reapplicant and purchased the recommendation accelerator and resume acce Getting Solid Recommendations