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Career goals count.

Poorly-articulated post-MBA goals are the #1 issue that keeps people out of bschool—more than any other application weakness. Goals are very important for most business schools. If you’re applying to a school like Columbia, Tuck, Duke or NYU—or almost any other top school you can think of—you’ll need to have a well-articulated set of goals to present to the adcom. This App Accelerator might be your most important purchase!

Purchase theĀ App Accelerator: Career Goals now – $ 150.00.
Career goals are the most important part of a winning MBA application to many, many bschools. Make sure your goals are appropriately defined for your pitch to the adcoms with EssaySnark's Career Goals App Accelerator. This App Accelerator includes a tutorial that explains what goes into a good set of career goals, to help you craft a solid pitch. Then you'll submit your core pitch to EssaySnark for a private review and feedback. The career goals are so important that you get two reviews from EssaySnark as part of this App Accelerator (other App Accelerators include just one review).


This App Accelerator must be used within 30 days. Because you are given instant access to the tutorial, no refunds are available after purchase. This App Accelerator is included in the Complete Essay Package and Foundations; sorry, no refunds provided if purchased separately.

You also get a one-month membership to the EssaySnark blahg with this purchase.

The tutorial for this App Accelerator was updated in July 2015, with additional advice and further instructions on crafting your career goals for review.

Nail down this critical part of your bschool application with the Career Goals App Accelerator.

App Accelerator: Career Goals $ 150.00

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Please note: Career goals are less important at certain schools. If you’re applying to MIT Sloan or Harvard—and only to those schools—then this App Accelerator may not be as helpful for you. There’s still value in going through it, regardless of your target program, as it will help you clarify your thinking around your future goals—but the goals themselves are not the pivotal aspect of your application at these two schools.

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This is a MUST

Sep 16, 2014 by Anonymous

If there is one App Accelerator you want to "invest" in, this is the one folks. I just can't stress how important career goals are in the application process. Not just for your essays but also for your interviews. EssaySnark pushed me harder and made me dig deeper. They threw in so many different angles and pointed out flaws that I never thought about. No! EssaySnark will NOT tell you "what to YOUR goals should be." They will surely help you to refine and articulate your goals correctly. I just finished my interviews at Tuck and UNC. As far as the career goals were concerned, no further questions asked. Why? Because my goals made sense. I can't thank EssaySnark enough!

Made me realize several weak points

Jan 28, 2014 by Anonymous

Well, actually this product was my first purchase with the Snark and man, was it helpful. It made me realize that I had several gaps in my pitch, especially in the transition between short and long term goals. It also helped me a lot in "putting the stake in the ground", as Snark once advised me to do.

Avoid Scope Creep and No Sugar Coating

Oct 05, 2012 by Anonymous

I feel this is a really optimized service. Career goals are very important for most of the schools. So if you sign up for this service you will have some material ready to build upon. There are many benefits of this service.
1. It will save you from illogical arguments in your career transition pitch
2. No sugar coating- It will hurt to hear someone shattering your ego and I know everything approach, but it will force you to think very clearly and will beg you to make sense of every sentence you put out there.
3. It will help you to write in a very concise manner. This is very important since many schools have very tight word limits (Stanford GSB for ex. )
My biggest problem was scope creep. I was wandering off the main point and there was lot of repetition. ES helped to crystalized my thoughts in few sentences. Ideally you want your short term goals in two sentences, very clearly defined and high impact. Same goes for long term goals.
To give you my example; I started with around 200 words and by the end I was done I was down to 80 words for my goals, and some parts of why I am ready.
In summary, this $100 of investment will help you save lot of time and rework later in the stage.
WARNING: This service is not going to tell you what your career goals should be. So if you are expecting that just stay away from it.
I hope this review helps you to make a right choice.

Refine and Crystallize Communication of Your Goals

Oct 05, 2012 by Anonymous

I used this service as part of the Complete Essay Package (highly recommend that) and it is one of the most crucial pieces to the MBA puzzle. If you're new to this sort of thing, you should know that nearly every school will ask you in one shape or form what your Career Goals are. If you aren't new to this process then you already know how important that is. This App Accelerator helps you take your goals and refine your pitch. Essay Snark will not tell you what to do with your life or what to say. I personally believe that would be unethical, and had an experience with another admissions consultant (who will remain nameless) who tried to tell me that I should say I should go into XYZ field because it will sound better to the adcom. Your experience with Essay Snark will not be like that at all. What the experience will do is take your existing goals, polish them, and help communicate them in the most effective manner. You get two rounds of VERY EXTENSIVE AND DETAILED feedback (seriously, it was impressive) which is very helpful. The Guide is also helpful in refining your goals and figuring out what you want to do, but that has to come from you (the exercises will help you with that).

Given the Career Goals shows up on every single application, and it is of great importance for most schools, I can't recommend enough using this App Accelerator to ensure you deliver the strongest message possible. Also, it really is an App Accelerator. Once you have figured out your goals, and the underlying details, the essays will flow naturally and you'll be ale to write them much more quickly!

I thought I knew my goals

Sep 08, 2012 by Anonymous

I thought I knew what my goals were, what I wanted to do after B-School. I'm sure we all think we do, or at least knew what our pitch was.

ES made me realize I did not. ES made me realize I was all over the place.

Now you may think he sounds like a bully, but in truth he isn't . ES merely helped me to narrow my scope, or in his terms 'pick a lane' (I think I got this right). We all want to do lots of things after we get our MBAs surely, but it is not something that we can fit into 250 - 500 word essays, or the duration of 30 minutes during our interview before we bore the interviewer to sleep.

I'm glad I signed up for this service. I was told what was interesting what was not, what I needed to look out for, what needed more research and finally how best to relate to our personal lives. I was actually self reflecting based on ES's remarks before I submitted the second draft.

The 100 dollars (this coming from a BSer who lives in a country with a lower PPP) is one investment well spent.

4.8 5.0 5 5 If there is one App Accelerator you want to "invest" in, this is the one folks. I just can't stress how important career goals are in the application process. Not just for your ess Defining Your Career Goals