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What are your chances – really?


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“What are my chances at…”

It’s the most common question we get. It’s the most common question that any admissions consultant gets — but if they’re giving you a free review, in order to sell you their services, are you confident that they’re going to tell you the straight answer?

It’s awfully tempting for a consultant to say you’ve got a chance at Harvard if it means you’ll plunk down your cold hard cash to have them help you apply. The EssaySnark Profile Review is a more comprehensive service than you’ll get for free from most consultants — and we promise to be upfront and direct with you. If we think you’re Harvard material — great! We’ll be excited to share the news. If we don’t think so, then we’ll explain why, and you’ll be armed with actionable information so you can determine your next steps.

Purchase the Comprehensive Profile Review now: $ 149.00.


The Comprehensive Profile Review will start you in the right direction on your MBA applications.

  • Get an unbiased and honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in your profile.
  • Learn which schools are realistic targets and get suggestions for others you might want to consider.
  • Find out once and for all if your GMAT score is “good enough.”
  • Get insights into your GPA and how it will be evaluated with your GMAT.
  • Increase your confidence in your strengths–and know what you need to do about your weaknesses.
  • You also get a one-month membership to the EssaySnark blahg with purchase.
The Comprehensive Profile Review gives you actionable insights about your profile and how the adcoms may react to your application. Here's how it works:
  1. After you sign up, you will be directed to an in-depth questionnaire. Complete these questions with as much detail as possible, because your answers will be reviewed by EssaySnark to see how you might be a match to specific bschools.
  2. You will receive a report back that indicates how you are lining up for success, or whether you need to work on your profile, and/or adjust your list of schools.

  3. Note: Nobody but the adcoms can tell for sure if you're a good fit for them. It's actually impossible for anyone even to be able to weigh your odds without knowing quite a bit about your background, and especially your leadership experience. This profile review doesn't try to predict your chances. Instead, it's meant to supplement your own research and legwork. We will help you identify potential programs to pursue and we'll tell you if we think you're off base in your current targets. Only you can determine if you're a good fit to a particular school, and only that school can determine if they agree.

    If you need to cancel, you are entitled to a refund less $50 provided that no materials have been submitted for review. You must submit your questionnaire into the profile review process within 30 days of purchase. The Comprehensive Profile Review is included in the Complete Essay Package. Sorry, but no refunds are available if purchased separately.

    Want to know which schools you should be considering? The Comprehensive Profile Review will tell you this — and more. Standard turnaround: 3 business days from receipt of materials.

    Comprehensive Profile Review $ 149.00

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    Or, if you have already applied somewhere and it didn’t work out, you can go for the Post-Mortem rejection analysis instead.

    Remember that EssaySnark also sometimes answers profile-related questions for free on the blahg. You can submit your question here if you’d like to give that possibility a gamble.


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    Reviews on the Review!

    When you’ve gotten your evaluation back, tell others how useful (or not) you think it is.

    (Note: One BSer complained that we didn’t give an assessment of how they’d stack up against each of their schools. We absolutely do this in the profile review when we have enough information to go on. If you don’t give us that info then we can’t give you that assessment. We’re not going to blow smoke if we don’t have enough insight into your situation.)

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    Personalized and extremely thorough

    Apr 05, 2014 by Anonymous

    I was offered this service pro bono and I have to say that I was very impressed by the level of detail that ES went into in the comprehensive review. From covering to GPAs/GMAT scores to recommended courses of action, for the upcoming months, the review was an (extremely) honest, no-BS assessment of my profile.

    The profile review was also helpful as it contained a good amount of "insider" type information (that may not be wholly obvious to all MBA candidates) about the MBA application process. This included details such as non-surface level nuances of specific schools, and how to tailor your approach to each one.

    A caveat - this should honestly go without saying, but do your best to be as thorough and detailed in what you submit - as it says above, ES can only go off what you give them. The feedback they give can be even better tailored with quality inputs from the client.

    Highly recommended! Thanks!

    Excellent bang for the buck

    Jan 28, 2014 by Anonymous

    This product is an amazing and detailed SWOT analysis of your profile. I highly recommend this if you are serious about getting in a B-School, since self-awareness has a huge impact on that.

    Thank you Essay Snark!

    Dec 26, 2013 by Anonymous

    I was offered a Comprehensive Profile Review pro bono, since I have a social sector background. Thank you Essay Snark! So, first suggestion: If you are not military or Peace Corps, but have a decidedly do-gooder backgroud, ask them if you qualify for pro bono help.

    The Profile Review was particularly helpful to me as my profile has some anomalies and I was unable to assess my chances at all. If, like me, you have a very limited amount of MBA-types in your network and a background that doesn't fit nicely into a typical MBA path, you'll find this service very useful. EssaySnark was able to answer most of my questions, so I know what to focus on in my applications.

    Also, they are patient! I practically wrote a novel in the "Do you have any questions?" section, and they were awesome about it.

    I got a quite detailed (and personalized) report of my strengths as a candidate and the aspects I should make sure come through in my application. It was just as thorough as I had come to expect after reading all the positive reviews and, even though I was probono, I think you'll find it well worth the regular price.

    One warning: knowing where you stand -and getting personalized suggestions on fit- can cause your target school list to shake and move a bit, so do this VERY early! I waited too long and now I am struggling with whether or not to change my targets quite late in the season.


    Do this first before you even start the process!

    Dec 07, 2013 by Anonymous

    I am very thankful for the Snark for the extremely comprehensive review. Others have mentioned that this review is a wake-up call, and I assure you that it is, because I was so lost and confused about the process before engaging this service. I am a young applicant and most senior colleagues in my industry do not hold MBA but EMBA when they reach C-level. So I didn't have much information, and asked the Snark so many questions, way more than typical. Then I got back a 19-page review covering every aspect about me. The Snark was very patient and direct to point out my weaknesses (boy I was a bit disappointed and humbled when I first read the review), but I really appreciate his/her honesty.

    The review also gives you ideas for your application. I did my first app on my own as I only finish GMAT 1 week before the deadline of the first school (please dont do that!). I refer back to the review to organize my essay ideas, and the review has been extremely helpful in that sense. I finished the app in 6 days, really.

    Overall, strongly recommended! I know the process can be confusing, but this is great value for money.

    Comprehensive Profile Review

    Dec 02, 2013 by Anonymous

    I’d like to start with two words: “wow!” and “thanks!” The comprehensive review was certainly the best thing I could have done at this point in my bschool journey. While I was somewhat disheartened to learn that my experiences and chances so far are just “in line” with everyone else’s, the insight is a great wake-up call that tells me I’m not “the sh!t.” I appreciate the objective feedback and will take it to heart as I develop my application strategies over the coming year.

    You guys rock – I’ll be in touch and am looking forward to the experience!

    Redefined "COMPREHENSIVE"

    Sep 08, 2013 by Anonymous

    The report that I received after filling up the initial questionnaire redefines the word "COMPREHENSIVE". I had never expected it to be so detailed. It was a 17 page report based on my resume and the questionnaire. It covered every aspect of my profile - GMAT, GPA, goals, diversity, and school fit. The report is a perfect example of clear and honest feedback (no beating around the bush). Essaysnark acts as a perfect sounding board. It also clearly mentions your chances (with reasoning) for schools mentioned in the questionnaire. The report leaves you with areas (strengths and weaknesses) in your profile that you needs to think in detail. I would recommend this to anyone who is planning to apply to business school. I am impressed with Essaysnark and I also signed up for the Complete Essay package. Thanks Essaysnark.


    Sep 07, 2013 by Anonymous

    EssaySnark's Comprehensive Profile Review is well worth the low cost. I tried several free consultations and even one paid consultation, but I always felt like something was lacking. This BSer found that missing value in ES's CPR.

    First, it's extremely detailed. GMAT, GPA, school selection, career goals, accomplishments, candidate pool comparison, and school fit - it's all covered, IN DETAIL. Second, their written review provides advice and action items you can refer back to again and again, which comes in handy when you're crafting your application. Third, in my case, it served as a nice wake up call to get my butt in gear, even though I was starting pretty early.

    One thing I wish I had done prior to using this service was to actually take the GMAT. Without it, ES could only go on my expected score and advise me on where my score should be to give me a shot at the schools I was targeting.

    I highly recommend you use this service if you are like me and don't have a lot of people you can ask about B-School. Even by searching forums and scouring the internet, I still could not quite tell where I stood or what my next steps should be to maximize my chances at my top schools. ES gives you her/his perspective on how you stack up, based on the thousands of applicants ES has seen over the years.

    The only thing left to say is thank you EssaySnark!!

    Definitely Recommended

    Aug 29, 2013 by Anonymous

    Can't thank EssaySnark enough. My background is fairly unique, and to be honest, I had no idea where I stood. If you are a non-traditional applicant, EssaySnark will let you know where you stand, but more importantly focus you on what you need to do next.

    The review was long, thorough, and honest. I couldn't happier. Thanks EssaySnark!

    Unparalleled insights! If your time is money, don't waste time with others (speaking from experience)

    Jul 19, 2013 by Anonymous

    The Comprehensive Profile Review was absolutely priceless. As a re-applicant who received some admissions support from a large consulting firm during the previous app cycle, I honestly did not expect to receive any stirring insights into my candidacy let alone any really specific advice (I anticipated it to be a similar experience to the ubiquitous 30 minute “free consultation” services that I took advantage of during the last admissions cycle…I wish I could have those hours of my life back). Essaysnark blew me away. I received a dozen pages of thorough insights, including SPECIFIC advice as to questions like “Should I re-take the GMAT?” “What’s my biggest weakness?” (I capitalize SPECIFIC, because I’ve asked the same questions to other services before, and received the usual vague/”it depends”/”I’ll tell you if you hire me” type answers that don’t help. Even the paid services I received before left me unsatisfied, that I would end up getting 2nd and 3rd opinions from other MBA friends. I will definitely be letting my friends and other service-members looking for an MBA know about Essaysnark. I’m convinced that if I had utilized their services last application season, I would have had a successful outcome (not to mention save a lot of time, $$$, and disappointment). BOTTOM LINE–> IF YOUR TIME IS MONEY, DON’T WASTE IT WITH OTHER FIRMS’ SERVICES, JUST CONTACT ESSAYSNARK FOR THEIR UNPARALLELED COMPREHENSIVE PROFILE REVIEW.

    Very Personal Review

    Jul 17, 2013 by Anonymous

    I had the Comprehensive Profile Review done a few months ago as I was preparing my strategy for my MBA applications. The aspect of the review that stood out for me was the personalized strategies that EssaySnark suggested for me use. I had done my fair share of research when it comes to applying to business school, but EssaySnark suggested strategies I hadn’t previously considered. For example, not only did I discover what my strengths and weaknesses are, but also I received strategies to play to my strengths and minimize my weaknesses.

    Furthermore, if you have follow-up questions to your profile review, EssaySnark is willing to answer them free of charge. The one downside I found is that the questionnaire doesn’t really cover your accomplishments and achievements, which is a critical piece to your application. Therefore, you don’t really get a good assessment of this aspect of your profile. However, EssaySnark does have an app for that (and maybe that’s why it’s left out of the questionnaire).

    Still, I’d recommend the Comprehensive Profile Review to anyone thinking about applying to business schools within the next year. Not only do you get a review of your profile and learn where you stand at your target schools, you also get personalized strategies to employ during the application process.

    5.0 5.0 30 30 I was offered this service pro bono and I have to say that I was very impressed by the level of detail that ES went into in the comprehensive review. From covering to GPAs/GMAT sc Comprehensive Profile Review