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Help with your Harvard (or Booth!) essay is here: Harvard Essay Decimator. If you have multiple items for review for Booth then go with the standard Essay Decimator that’s described below.
Or, if you want expedited feedback on any other single essay (not Harvard’s) you can use the Rush Essay Review.


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EssaySnark’s Essay Reviews show you where your pitch is on target – and off

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Your essays are the most important part of your MBA application. Getting them right is critical. After you’ve drafted up your darlings, how do you know if you’re on target? EssaySnark can mercilessly rip apart your essays help you see how others will perceive your message.

The Essay Decimator is our most popular service — at least, it’s the one most people find valuable after they’ve gone through it. You may not be so fond of it when you’re in the middle of it. You need to be prepared for some agony along the way. It’s just like in The Matrix: Everyone falls the first time. We very rarely see a set of first drafts come along that don’t need significant work.

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Most people don’t write essays for a living. You probably shouldn’t expect that your first drafts will be awesome. All experienced writers know that the quality comes out through revision. We are not intentionally cruel in our reviews, but we are always honest and direct.

Note that you are likely to have a less-painful critique cycle if you start out with the App Accelerators before writing your drafts.

The Essay Decimator is included in the Complete Essay Package for those Brave Supplicants wanting the best advantage. When BSers go through the full essay optimization process, their final drafts tend to be much stronger coming out the other end.


 The Details

This standard Essay Decimator review service includes two passes on one full set of up to four essays for one MBA program. This means you get to Draft 3, which is often "done" for many people. This standard full-set Essay Decimator incorporates your entire profile in the review. This Essay Decimator is not available for use with Harvard; please purchase the HBS Essay Decimator and ask about adding on other essays if you have additional material you want to get reviewed for that school. Standard Essay Decimator turnaround of maximum 3 business days applies to this service though of course we always try to return faster than that; expedited processing can be added on (see Subscriber FAQ in My SnarkCenter after you purchase).

Each Essay Decimator involves a two-stage process:
  • First draft reviews: Marked-up drafts in Word, pointing out spelling/punctuation-type errors, plus extensive in-line comments on the content, along with
  • A separate report, one on each essay, detailing strengths and weaknesses against what this school is looking for.
  • Then, rechecks: After you update your drafts to incorporate the feedback, you get a second higher-level recheck with marked-up/commented Word docs (no separate report on rechecks).
The Essay Decimator is for all schools where your app will be 4 or fewer essays (there's a less-expensive option for getting your Harvard essay reviewed). With this Full-Set Essay Decimator, a surcharge may be required for schools like INSEAD, IE and any other school which has a ridiculous amount of essays. See the Help FAQ for how specific schools' essays are handled. All drafts must be submitted together as a set (meaning, submitted at once, one essay per file); any draft that's 10% over the school's max wordcount issubject to additional fees.

The Essay Decimator includes a 60-day membership to the EssaySnark blahg.

TERMS: Essay Decimators

Essay reviews must be completed within 60 days of purchase; however you should strive to submit your materials for review as soon as possible, particularly if we are nearing the application deadlines. Standard turnaround is 3 business days though we always try to return feedback quicker than that; turnaround times vary radically based on current volumes when you submit. If these drafts are being submitted as part of the Complete Essay Package, then you will enjoy faster turnaround times whenever possible. Priority Review processing may be available for an additional fee (typically $100).

This review is for essays for one school only.

If you purchased the Harvard Essay Decimator, then you will submit one essay for two rounds of review. Each draft can be no more than 1,000 words. If your essay exceeds that limit, you must either cut it down before submitting it for review, or you may purchase an extended review for $100 per every extra 250 words. A separate fee is needed for first drafts and for any subsequent drafts that are overlimit.

If you purchased the standard Essay Decimator service for any school but Harvard: You may submit one essay for each of the school's current set of questions, plus an optional and/or reapplicant essay, up to four (4) essays total. If the school has a "choose one of these questions" then that is one essay. Additional essays submitted will not be reviewed. All essays must be of reasonable length (up to 10% overlimit). Any submission that exceeds these limits will be subject to additional fees. We will not review multiple versions for the same essay question or other essay alternatives. If a school lets you choose from among several topics, you cannot submit drafts for each topic as part of this package. Your application strategy must be your own.

This purchase is non-transferable to others and the subscription cannot be extended without payment of an additional fee.

For Essay Decimators purchased standalone:
  1. Refunds are available provided no drafts have been submitted for review.
  2. - If requested within 48 hours of purchase, a full refund of the purchase price is available.
    - If requested after 48 hours of purchase but before the subscription expires, a refund less $100 service fee is available.
No refund is available for partially used services, nor if requested after the subscription expires.

All essay reviews are delivered in writing; no telephone or email support is available. First-draft feedback consists of marked-up drafts in Microsoft Word plus a separate report, one on each essay reviewed. Rechecks, for products that include them, are marked-up drafts only.

We are providing essay review services. We do not promise to correct every spelling error or grammar problem, though we will point out at least the first occurrence of such errors. It's up to you to make your essays perfect.

Reasonable follow-up or clarification questions will be entertained. Please use the Comments section on the essay feedback page in My SnarkCenter to submit your questions.

EssaySnark takes ethics seriously. Your work must be your own. This includes how you handle suggestions you may receive as part of the review process. If we discover that you have inserted our commentary directly into your drafts, we reserve the right to cancel the engagement immediately with no possibility of refund, as that would be plagiarism. When we make suggestions and give advice, it is meant to spur your own thought processes. Don't steal our words, or anyone else's, for that matter.

To protect our intellectual property, the written report you receive will be a locked PDF; no copying or printing permitted. Duplication or redistribution of any EssaySnark content is strictly prohibited. We don't blab your personal information all over the place, and we hope you'll please respect our IP in a similar fashion.



View the FAQs on the EssaySnark Essay Decimator essay review service.

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Decimate Mediocrity!

Aug 31, 2014 by Anonymous

Want to know the simplest way to differentiate your application? Don’t write crappy essays!

Essays are the only component of your application where you can address the admissions committee with flexibility, and there are dozens of ways to blow this critical opportunity: rambling, not answering the question, inconsistencies, jargon, excessive detail, confusing writing, unwanted messages…the list goes on. You might think you can avoid these issues if you’re aware of them – I thought so. During school, all of my English teachers loved me, I got a perfect 800 verbal score on the SAT, and a 49 (99%) on the GMAT Verbal section.

The Snark humbled me. It was much more difficult than I could have imagined to write a good set of bschool essays – to craft a tight, concise pitch to the admissions committee that highlighted new strengths with specific, detailed stories; addressed my weaknesses; reinforced my application theme; and let me stand out as a unique individual. When you layer on the stress and deadlines that typically accompany essay writing, this difficulty turns into a recipe for heavy drinking. It takes time, reflection, and a good dose of honest feedback to produce good essays. EssaySnark’s App Accelerators or Complete Essay Package (which I also recommend) help with the reflection part; the Essay Decimator delivers the feedback.

What I got was a granular line-by-line analysis of my essays within the submitted Word document, and a separate PDF discussing overall issues, specific issues, advice for improvement, and an analysis of the overall message. It’s not just “hey, the outcome of this story doesn’t quite line up with what you said in the middle.” In the review of one of my drafts, theSnark indicated that while my writing was technically great, it was a bit one-dimensional and didn’t make me stand out as a person at all – and then recommended that I consider incorporating some elements from a prior submission for another school that might help. It did.

Bottom line: After going through the Essay Decimator, I won’t second-guess my execution on essays. If I don’t get into a school, it won’t be because I fumbled the essays. At the risk/certainty of sounding cheesy…EssaySnark helped me find my voice. I still had to put in a ton of work on my essays, but they were genuine and written by me – theSnark just made sure they didn’t suck.

Brilliant Advice

Dec 19, 2013 by Anonymous

This is by far the best application advice/service available. Before coming to ES, I had worked with some other consultant and had been quite disappointed with the suggestions that I was getting. However, I knew that I had a 'vanilla' profile and I would have to write strong essays if I was to get admitted to a good program. That is when I stumbled upon ES's blog and started working with them. Over the last three months, I have worked extensively with ES and have ended up using almost all their products. "Essay Decimator" is perfect for anyone who has some idea of what they wish to write but are either not sure of the content or wish to improve the presentation. The advice is direct and clear. And the suggestions are mostly implementable.
ES will not tell you what to write (I don't think anyone can) but they will tell you if what you have written is good enough or not. If they say it is not, they will explain exactly why they feel so.
These guys know what they are doing. You cannot go wrong if you choose to work with them.

Decimation = Painfully Awesome

Jan 30, 2013 by Anonymous

I'm an editor by trade/get paid to write for a living. And I know this is going to sound like a not-so-humblebrag, but I knew I had the writing thing in the bag. I just had no idea if the strategy behind my words was going to be on target. EssaySnark's feedback was essential for me--I cringe thinking about some of the wrong turns I would've made otherwise. (And maybe, just maybe, they made me a better writer too, which is hard for me to admit). Plus, you can't beat the value. I did this for 3 out of the 5 schools I applied to, because I was able to apply the lessons I learned from those essays to the other two (and you can probably get away with doing it for just one or two schools, depending on your targets and overall confidence level). Another bonus: All of the pushback you'll receive will help you formulate a pitch that will help you in interviews too. For the one open interview school I applied to, I actually read over their feedback/questions to help me prep for the interviews, which helped me ID things I should and should not prepare to talk about.

(And yes, it can be brutal. But that's what you're looking for, right?)

Get Ready... Appocalypse Now

Dec 16, 2012 by Anonymous

I thought that my essays are in pretty good shape because I am a good writer and my essays had gone through extensive reviews of my friends. I could not have been more wrong. EssaySnark caused havoc on the essays, so much havoc, to be honest, that I thought I am totally off on my pitch. After extensive edits now they are in much better shape and I hope to be accepted :)

Best Value By Far!

Dec 02, 2012 by Anonymous

I was shocked by how much feedback I received. And it wasn't just snarkiness; the feedback was extremely valuable in helping me revise my drafts. EssaySnark also made suggestions for juggling some of my stories. My second set of essays was so different and (hopefully) so much better than my first, and I think my third set, after the second round of review, was even stronger. I never would have been as satisfied as I am with my finished drafts without EssaySnark.

Decimation..He means it !!

Oct 05, 2012 by Anonymous

I have taken the essay decimation service and I must admit, I am truly impressed. Essays can be reviewed by any one who has a good command over the English language. However ES reviews it with a critical eye that is important for the admission process. He breaks it down and finds very legit holes that need to be plugged. There is no sugar coating. if your essays are downright bad, ES lets you know.

Feedback times are good and ES gets back to you usually with in the time he promises for the kind of service you choose.

Incredible help along the process.

Critical critics!

Aug 20, 2012 by Anonymous

So far I've only had my first draft reviewed but it was incredibly helpful. I have to admit first and foremost that it hurts a lot to get feedback since in all honesty, most of us are just looking for validation!

However, after getting over my vanity, I found the comments incredibly helpful. The architecture of one's essays is so important, and I had really failed to tell my story in a meaningful way.

The other thing worth mentioning is that you have no idea how your essays read to an outsider, and especially as a non-traditional candidate, it really put in perspective where I'm using incomprehensible lingo!

5.0 5.0 7 7 Want to know the simplest way to differentiate your application? Don’t write crappy essays!Essays are the only component of your application where you can address the admiss EssaySnark Essay Reviews