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Identifying your best material to present in your MBA application is a daunting task. Wrestling it into an effective form in your essays is even more overwhelming.

Let EssaySnark’s essay development tutorials and tools guide you through the process.

The best essays are developed through TIME and EFFORT – both of which you need for the Complete Essay Package. However, we have supported crazy BSers with all the steps from beginning to end in less than two weeks. That’s not ideal but it certainly can be done (and your essays are pretty much guaranteed to be stronger than if you sat there staring at your computer screen for the next two weeks, which is what you’d probably end up doing otherwise).

Purchase the Complete Essay Package – $ 1299.00.

The Complete Essay Package includes:

  • One Comprehensive Profile Review (unless you've had one already)
  • Three App Accelerators: Accomplishments & Achievements, Career Goals, and Essay Ideas & Outlines
  • One SnarkStrategies essay guide
  • One Essay Decimator two-stage essay critique -- all essays for one school -- must be reasonable length (no massively overlimit drafts)
  • 60-day subscription to included App Accelerators
  • 60-day subscription to included Essay Decimator
  • 60-day membership to the EssaySnark blahg
  • Priority review cycles
  • Access to My SnarkCenter private client portal
In addition, Complete Essay Package subscribers who sign up early are eligible to participate in the EssaySnark Collaboration Partner Matchmaking program.

Active Complete Essay Package subscribers also qualify for the deepest discounts on additional purchases and add-ons (additional Essay Decimators for other schools, the Resume App Accelerator, etc.). Once you sign up for the Complete Essay Package, check the Discounts page off the SnarkCenter menu to see what's available.

The Complete Essay Package is the quickest, most cost-effective way to get to quality drafts for your MBA application.

TERMS: Complete Essay Package

All components of the Complete Essay Package (formerly known as the "Essay Optimizer Plan") must be completed within the subscription period. The App Accelerators are "horizontal" - the material you develop can be used to build the foundation for any/all your relevant applications. The Essay Ideas and Essay Decimator must be used on the same school (one school only). You commit to the school you're using your Complete Essay Package on when you submit your Essay Ideas material for review. The Complete Essay Package is non-transferable. No substitutions are allowed. If you already had a Comprehensive Profile Review then that service is deemed complete for the purposes of this package; no refunds or discounts available.
  1. Refunds are available for full-price purchases only. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds on a Complete Essay Package purchased through the service-based discount offer.
  2. You qualify for a partial refund in the timeframes noted below, provided that no outlines (Essay Ideas) or drafts (Essay Decimators) have been submitted for review.
  3. - If requested within 7 days of purchase, a refund of your purchase price less $400 is available.
    - If requested after 7 days of purchase but before the subscription expires, a refund of your purchase price less $700 is available.
  4. No refund is available after the subscription expires.

TERMS: Essay Decimators

Essay reviews must be completed within 60 days of purchase; however you should strive to submit your materials for review as soon as possible, particularly if we are nearing the application deadlines. Standard turnaround is 3 business days though we always try to return feedback quicker than that; turnaround times vary radically based on current volumes when you submit. If these drafts are being submitted as part of the Complete Essay Package, then you will enjoy faster turnaround times whenever possible. Priority Review processing may be available for an additional fee (typically $100).

This review is for essays for one school only.

If you purchased the Harvard Essay Decimator, then you will submit one essay for two rounds of review. Each draft can be no more than 1,000 words. If your essay exceeds that limit, you must either cut it down before submitting it for review, or you may purchase an extended review for $100 per every extra 250 words. A separate fee is needed for first drafts and for any subsequent drafts that are overlimit.

If you purchased the standard Essay Decimator service for any school but Harvard: You may submit one essay for each of the school's current set of questions, plus an optional and/or reapplicant essay, up to four (4) essays total. If the school has a "choose one of these questions" then that is one essay. Additional essays submitted will not be reviewed. All essays must be of reasonable length (up to 10% overlimit). Any submission that exceeds these limits will be subject to additional fees. We will not review multiple versions for the same essay question or other essay alternatives. If a school lets you choose from among several topics, you cannot submit drafts for each topic as part of this package. Your application strategy must be your own.

This purchase is non-transferable to others and the subscription cannot be extended without payment of an additional fee.

For Essay Decimators purchased standalone:
  1. Refunds are available provided no drafts have been submitted for review.
  2. - If requested within 48 hours of purchase, a full refund of the purchase price is available.
    - If requested after 48 hours of purchase but before the subscription expires, a refund less $100 service fee is available.
No refund is available for partially used services, nor if requested after the subscription expires.

All essay reviews are delivered in writing; no telephone or email support is available. First-draft feedback consists of marked-up drafts in Microsoft Word plus a separate report, one on each essay reviewed. Rechecks, for products that include them, are marked-up drafts only.

We are providing essay review services. We do not promise to correct every spelling error or grammar problem, though we will point out at least the first occurrence of such errors. It's up to you to make your essays perfect.

Reasonable follow-up or clarification questions will be entertained. Please use the Comments section on the essay feedback page in My SnarkCenter to submit your questions.

EssaySnark takes ethics seriously. Your work must be your own. This includes how you handle suggestions you may receive as part of the review process. If we discover that you have inserted our commentary directly into your drafts, we reserve the right to cancel the engagement immediately with no possibility of refund, as that would be plagiarism. When we make suggestions and give advice, it is meant to spur your own thought processes. Don't steal our words, or anyone else's, for that matter.

To protect our intellectual property, the written report you receive will be a locked PDF; no copying or printing permitted. Duplication or redistribution of any EssaySnark content is strictly prohibited. We don't blab your personal information all over the place, and we hope you'll please respect our IP in a similar fashion.

View the FAQs on the EssaySnark App Accelerators and Essay Reviews here.


Go from raw material to polished pitch in the most effective manner possible with the Complete Essay Package.


Buy the Complete Essay Package now!Complete Essay Package – currently $ 1299.00


We also offer the 4-School Set, which includes the Complete Essay Package for your first app, and support for three more sets of essays beyond that.


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This was posted in a comment on the blahg on 8/18/13:

I can attest to the value of the complete essay package in getting your story straight. Having reached the end of draft 1 with School #1 using the service, I have found that School #2 and #3 have been a little less stressful (one of which is HBS). I firmly believe that I have saved a significant amount of time by using Snark to critique my first attempts (I’m riding solo, with the Snark strategy guide, for the others).

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Framework for success

Oct 18, 2015 by Anonymous

When I first started my Bschool application journey, I spoke to a lot of admissions consultants and was terribly disappointed by the contradicting messages I was getting. Some were eager to talk up my strengths and sugarcoat my profile evaluation in order to get my business, while others said I should only apply to schools in the 25-50 ranking range. Some said I was too old (I'm 28) and my goals were too off, while others said it was the right time and my goals made perfect sense. So I decided not to go with any of them, and instead do everything on my own. By the time I stumbled into Snarkville, I had already chosen my schools, done the research, decided on my goals and selected my stories. I was well on my way to writing essays. Or so I thought - until I started reading the blahg and unearthing valuable information that revealed how off-target I was with my strategy. I realized that maybe I could use some help. Best self-doubting moment ever!

The complete essay package methodically takes you through a series of exercises before getting you to the task of essay-writing. And before you know it, you will have generated all the content you'll ever need (and more) for all your essays! The best part is that you get guidance from the 'Snark throughout, pushing you to think clearly about what you are trying to convey, calling out weak stories, unachievable goals and unsound logic. ES is not your hand-holding sugarcoating type, but a straight-talking, reality-inducing, tough love-giver, who is truly invested in your success.

So, each time you read your feedback from EssaySnark, punch the air and shout out "Yes! I am one step closer to putting together an amazing application!". It will help you reframe your emotional reaction to the feedback and quickly move past to implementing the changes. ES will go above and beyond to help if you pay attention to the feedback, do your homework and remember to be nice. Especially if you remember that last part, you will have won yourself an ally who will cheer for you all along your bschool journey. To me, that has been an incredible source of encouragement and has taken away a lot of the stress and anxiety from my application process.

P.S: I used the complete essay package for only my first school. I was able to easily use the same frameworks I had learned through the package to build my other applications.

The best and most worthwhile investment

Sep 27, 2015 by Anonymous

I will forever be recommending essaysnark to anyone who is serious about applying to business school and in need of some guidance. Their essay-editing, insight into the admissions process and genuine advice will absolutely improve a person’s application if they are willing to put in the effort. All of the services that I’ve purchased through this site have been worthwhile investments and are incredibly reasonably priced considering the depth of feedback that you are given. I’ve purchased the comprehensive profile review, complete essay package and several other services, all of which have improved my candidacy in some measurable respect. Essaysnark has really tried to understand my goals and background, and has helped me to build an application that I know is the best presentation of myself. They don’t sugar coat anything and push you to be a better writer and a better ‘thinker’ throughout the essay writing process. At times, it’s frustrating because they don’t just supply you with answers but that’s the reason that their services are superior to any other consultants. They challenge you to come up with your own answers and as a result, your essays are more thought provoking, clear and genuine. I am confident that the essays I have in hand now are far better than I would have written on my own and are an honest and interesting reflection on why I want to go to business school and why I am prepared to do so. I am excited to submit my applications and will owe a huge chunk of any acceptances I may receive to the advice essaysnark has given me.

Thank you!!

Real, honest feedback.

Aug 19, 2015 by Anonymous

I bought the Complete Essay Package after getting a comprehensive profile review, and it was the best thing I have done so far to prepare for B-School. This is not for the faint of heart; they give incredibly candid feedback throughout the process. At the end, I had all the guidance I needed to put together a set of essays for my target school that I am truly proud of.

EssaySnark's system of building up from the basics of career goals and accomplishments gives you a great place to start from, and throughout the process they gave me feedback on things that were lacking that I never would have noticed.

I very strongly recommend this product to anyone who is truly serious about applying to a top school, especially if you are like me and know very few people who have gone through the process.

Highly Efficient, Great Value

Aug 21, 2014 by Anonymous

EssaySnark’s Complete Essay Package provides a very efficient structure for building the foundation of your overall application. The included App Accelerators progressively guide you along the process of self-discovery that’s critical for any effective application, and the work you put in cumulates into a strong pitch to the admissions committee.

I’m glad I had faith in the process, as it can be frustrating when it feels like you’re burning up time when you’re not literally writing essays. However, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes percolating and distilling of ideas that really pays off when you actually start writing essays. It’s much more efficient to have crystallized your career goals and achievements beforehand, so you know what you’re going to say, and where to say it. This allows you to focus completely on how you’re going to say it, and minimizes rework. It’s also much smoother to transfer these core ideas from one school’s essays to the next after you’ve invested in building this framework.

I also found it incredibly valuable to have a professional and experienced third party perspective applied to my ideas and writing. When you’ve invested in your writing, it becomes hard to see how a member of the admissions committee might read into it, or if you’re saying something that’s confusing to someone who can’t read your mind. This can be somewhat mitigated by having someone you know review your drafts…but how good is your girlfriend at knowing what the admissions committee is looking for?

In terms of value, I was very satisfied. I saw it as paying an insurance premium to ensure that I optimized my application presentation, squeezing as much excellence out of my execution as possible. With respect to price, the Complete Essay Package is ~4x cheaper than the average for 1-school packages offered by other admissions consultants.

Super, Comprehensive help!

Dec 29, 2013 by Anonymous

I have used the Snark's complete essay package, as well as multiple school guides - I would highly recommend both. This is the perfect place to get sharp, no-nonsense feedback on your essays and really take them to the next level.

a) The accelerators are a great way to get the basic thinking for the essay writing process down, and was helpful across all the schools I applied to. I believe crafting credible goals and choosing the correct stories to tell are a critical part of the process and the accelerators helped me tremendously in laying the framework.

b) On the essay decimators, their feedback was very specific and detailed, pointing out areas that I need to research more, simplify or explain better. It really helped take my essays from being generic and difficult to understand to specific and simple, well communicated

c) As part of the comprehensive package, they really were patient with the explanations about my background and where I wanted to go (which was a bit complex to explain). Very responsive to follow up queries. Its was an easy and fun process working with them.

Wish you guys the best. This is a great, innovative model for helping students in this (traumatic :P) process!


Sep 23, 2013 by Anonymous

As a re-applicant this year, I knew I wanted help with the process. I first reached out to EssaySnark two years ago for a Post-Mortem Analysis. Their feedback far exceeded my expectations, so I reached back out for essay help. I went through the Complete Essay Package, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

The App Accelerators get you to focus on the most important parts of your essays – your goals and your accomplishments. Just being told to spend time focused solely on these two areas would have been valuable enough, but EssaySnark’s feedback brought both to a whole new level. I will mention that EssaySnark does not write anything for you. Rather, they point out the good, bad and ugly and provide enough information for you to work from. This may sound like a negative, but in fact it’s one of best aspects of working with EssaySnark. The time spent thinking introspectively brought out better ideas and ultimately made the essay writing process less stressful.

By the time it came to write my first draft, I knew what I needed to say and had the stories to back it up. EssaySnark provided detailed feedback all along the way, and was incredibly accommodating with any follow up questions I had. I can confidently say my first draft with EssaySnark blew away my final submission from two years ago. After two rounds of feedback and edits, my essays were better than I ever thought they could be and were ready for submission. I’ve also been able to leverage what I’ve learned through the Complete Essay Package in my other applications. I highly recommend both EssaySnark and this product, and will be working with EssaySnark more as I write the rest of my applications.

Aug 27, 2013 by Anonymous

I haven't completely finished The Complete Essay Package yet but I'd like to recommend it to fellow BSers, because I already feel I have learned a tremendous amount and am much more comfortable writing these types of essays. In the beginning, I was very frustrated when I went through the first couple of app accelerators. I thought I had come up with good career goals and achievements, but EssaySnark was very blunt when giving me feedback. It wasn't what I wanted to hear but it was definitely what I NEEDED to hear. I've gotten a lot better since then. I just submitted the first essay draft and I'm looking forward to getting feedback from EssaySnark to further improve my stories.


Jun 13, 2013 by Anonymous

I thought the GMAT was everything, but upon doing hours of research, I realized it was just a small piece of the whole application process (although it took the longest to prepare for!). Your essays and recommendations can MAKE it or BREAK it for you. THEY ARE IMPORTANT!!! The Complete Essay Package played a key role in guiding me through the application procss. Where do I start? What should I focus on? What shouldn't I focus on? What are my goals? It gave me a somewhat firm handle on what I was supposed to write.. even if I didn't know how to write it (but EssaySnark definitely helped me in that regard!!!) Looking back, I feel like I was 100x more prepared in writing my essay than the average applicant, even if it didn't feel like it at the time. EssaySnark pushed and coached me to a moment of clarity (don't expect to be spoon-fed!). I would highly recommend any of EssaySnark's products to anyone. EssaySnark is truthful and blunt and will tell you what you need to hear. EssaySnark is also incredibly encouraging, and gave me a lot of motivation when I started getting tired through the end.



Mar 04, 2013 by Anonymous

I really feel that I could not have gotten into the Ivy League b-school of my choice without EssaySnark. The truth is, after the GMAT, essays are extremely important to the application process - I`ve always heard this before and didn`t really pay it any mind, mainly because I was so focused on the GMAT. But trust me, you have to spend time on your essays, just as you would on your GMAT prep. But my question was always, where do I start? The Optimizer Plan, is truly, really, extremely worth it - trust me it is a great value compared to other consultancies out there, in fact for this price I was a little skeptical what I would get out of it. You get a lot:
1) You are FORCED to think about your career goals

Response: [Apparently a system glitch ate the rest of the review.... apologies from EssaySnark!]

Trust the Approach

Oct 04, 2012 by Anonymous

As a re-applicant, I was determined not to make the same mistakes this year that I made last year. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure what those mistakes were, so I decided to get some help. The structured approach of the Complete Essay Package may seem like a chore to go through at first, but without this structure, my applications would have never made it in on time...
...Oh, did I forget to mention? I started my app process and reached out to the Snark two weeks before my two applications were due. I was sceptical, but the Snark assured me that no BSer has ever missed a deadline because of the Snark. Boy, she/he wasn't kidding! Even when the queue was seemingly log jammed, I received fast feedback (a perk of using the Optimizer plan) and turnarounds faster than I could keep up with at times (e.g. returning my essay draft on a Sunday, with a detailed report and comments, within a a few hours of my submission).

Anyway, back to the main point - the structured approach allowed me to flesh out my strongest points, and identify which stories to tell. For me, this was the most important and valuable part. Do the exercises in the guides, be thoughtful about what you submit, and get some great feedback. The ammunition you get from the Career Goals and Accomplishments accelerators will carry you through your application process. Totally worth it. You'll have to do work on your own. The Snark won't tell you what to say, and won't write for you. But I think my apps were better off for it, because they were genuinely generated by me!

I highly recommend doing this (preferably earlier than I did it) as it offers a structured approach which actually speeds up the process, believe it or not. I got both of my apps done in time, and am going to be working with Snark on future apps which in the coming weeks.

Thanks EssaySnark!

5.0 5.0 11 11 When I first started my Bschool application journey, I spoke to a lot of admissions consultants and was terribly disappointed by the contradicting messages I was getting. Some were Complete Essay Package