EssaySnark’s App Accelerators

EssaySnark's App Accelerators

App Accelerators help you define your MBA strategy

App Accelerators do exactly what they promise: They accelerate your progress on building your MBA application.

Not only will you be educated on the most important elements of each MBA application component–career goals, major accomplishments, recommenders strategy, the resume, and more–you’ll then submit your best work for a confidential review by EssaySnark.

Priced from $100 to $250 each or available as part of many EssaySnark bundles.
Purchase from the individual App Accelerator subscription pages (see bottom of this page for a list).

Each App Accelerator consists of two parts:

  1. A tutorial. Learn what’s key for developing your application assets.
  2. A personalized review. After you develop your material, you’ll submit it for direct feedback from the ‘Snark.

App Accelerators help you understand what to emphasize and what to put aside.

An App Accelerator is available for every major element of your application. Use them in conjunction with the SnarkStrategy Guides to take control of your strategy and start moving in a productive direction today.


We also now have a standalone product called the Recommender’s Instruction Sets, which is a best-practices guide that you can give to your recommenders to make their work easier. This is not an App Accelerator; instead, it’s a deliverable that you will hand over to your recommenders for their usage, specific to the actual schools that you’re asking them to recommend you for. Get more information about the Recommender’s Instruction Sets here. (For clarification: This is *not* for you to write your own recommendations! That would be silly (aka “unethical”) and we don’t condone it at all.)

View the Frequently Asked Questions on the App Accelerators. Pricing is subscription-based, per Accelerator. Your purchase gives you instant online access to the App Accelerator for 30 days.

These App Accelerators are available:

$100-$250 each when purchased separately

Click on an App Accelerator to learn more and subscribe. Extended subscriptions to the most popular App Accelerators are also available with The Complete Essay Package and Foundations.