There are no easy answers.

Sometimes we get people who demonstrate a complete misunderstanding of what we do – and of how the MBA admissions process works.

If you toss out a question at random to us, like “Should I use this idea or that in my essay?”, we would be doing you a serious disservice if we tried to answer it.

Because in almost all cases, the answer is, “It depends.”

We can’t tell you which is the “better” topic for a certain essay without seeing the whole pitch: your profile, your background, your history, and especially the other essays.

It’s even hard for us to say whether one topic is the right one after reviewing all that information, without seeing how you’re implementing your idea in an actual draft.

This is not like choosing a flavor of ice cream. You can’t just ask us for a quick opinion on the matter and expect to get anything useful in response.

Which obviously means, if others are willing to offer such quick-fix pronouncements on your decision dilemma… are you really going to rely on that?


  1. vasilescu says

    A good analogy might be someone who needs to design, built, market and sell a product… And they just ask if it should be red or blue.

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