It has begun! (Sort of.) Columbia posted their deadlines for the coming app season. October 8th is Early Decision and J-Term due date!

“It’s gonna be expensive” sale – 15% off for new BSers!

Hello Brave Supplicants! Since we offered a mini wake-up call yesterday with some comments received from a successful applicant that this whole applying-to-bschool thing is gonna be expensive – and since Columbia almost sort of kind of kicked off the 2014-15 admissions season by posting their deadlines yesterday (Early Decision! October 8th!) – we thought we’d throw all of you motivated types a bone.

Today and today only – April 23, 2014 – anyone signing up for his or her very first snarkolicious consulting service can get it for 15% off.

You must click through on one of the links on this page in order to activate the discount.

We don’t often have sales like this. As we said yesterday, the prices around here are beyond reasonable, both in comparison to other MBA admissions consultants, and also when you consider what you get (detailed, actionable feedback that’s reliable and sound and tailored to YOU). The ROI that most people experience in purchasing our services is pretty darned high. We’re not out to squeeze the most out of our clients; we’re trying to play the game fair.

However, we’re in that lull period when one season has wound down and another is yet to begin, and we know that there are some of you out there lurking around and kicking the tires and chomping at the bit, wondering when it will be time for you to start on your apps.

Well, how about now?

Prices always go up as we move through the calendar. This is definitely the cheapest time to sign up and get started.

If you just recently purchased one or more services, then sorry, this discount coupon won’t work for you, but you can email the team (gethelpnow at essaysnark) and they’ll set you up with something as an alternate.

This offer is not stackable; no other coupons or discounts apply (not that there are any floating around). It’s good for one day only, new sign-ups only, services only. Remember: All of our consulting services are by subscription, meaning that you must complete them within a specified timeframe (typically 30 days for App Accelerators, 60 days for Essay Decimators and the bundles; see description pages for specifics). We will NOT extend these subscriptions for anyone purchasing at a discounted price through this offer (we actually don’t ever extend the subscriptions, just fyi). Only buy one of these if you’re ready to move ahead with working on your applications in the near term. All terms and conditions on the main product purchase page apply. Please read them carefully before proceeding.

Here’s a quick hit list that you can choose from to get your 15% break and jump in on your applications:

App Accelerators

See description here

Essay Review Services

Save even more with one of our bundles!

Comparison Chart: Foundations vs Complete Essay Package

If you’re interested in some other service that’s not listed here, email the team (gethelpnow at essaysnark) and we’ll get you set up. Inquiries must be received while this offer is still valid though.

We look forward to helping you out this season!

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