It has begun! (Sort of.) Columbia posted their deadlines for the coming app season. October 8th is Early Decision and J-Term due date!

($) Another reason why you need to do well on the GMAT.

Obviously you need a good GMAT score to get into a good business school. But did you know that that’s not the end of it? There’s actually several other situations where your GMAT (or GRE) score will be used to make critical evaluations about you that will dramatically impact your life. One situation is your…

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“It’s gonna be expensive” sale – 15% off for new BSers!

Hello Brave Supplicants! Since we offered a mini wake-up call yesterday with some comments received from a successful applicant that this whole applying-to-bschool thing is gonna be expensive - and since Columbia almost sort of kind of kicked off the … [Continue reading]

Thinking about applying to bschool? It’s gonna be expensive.

We had a BSer share their experience of their path to bschool several months back, and when they sent over their story, they also mentioned this: Also, I didn't have a way to insert this into the story, but my total costs from this process ended up … [Continue reading]

($) MBA application challenge: “I work for a small local employer…”

This is actually a pseudo-essay critique in disguise; we can't claim it literally as a Wharton career goals essay critique since the Wharton essay questions haven't been released yet. And this one is from a past season. But we're going to talk … [Continue reading]

Apparently we’re giving free services to assholes.

Yeah, that's a little harsh, but we've got our boxers in a twist at the moment. (And sorry for the late post today... we were debating whether to put this one up at all.) For many years now, EssaySnark has been offering pro bono MBA admissions … [Continue reading]